This adventure began in 2009, when Nui Satsoong resigned from her position as a bank officer to open a small shop in Bangkok with the intention of sourcing and selling shoes and handbags of good quality at affordable prices.  She soon became dissatisfied with the lack of workmanship and durability of most available products (even expensive ones), and so began learning to make handcrafted shoes and bags.  Over the next three years, she studied shoemaking with private instructors, dissected the best handbags from Europe, and apprenticed with skilled Thai craftsmen. 


Nui was joined by her husband, William Gaynor, an American architect with experience in product and apparel design and fabrication.  Together they developed standards of workmanship, specifications for materials, and functional designs that have become the hallmark of their nu Bangkok brand:


Comfortable, functional

Good value, affordable, durable

Enduring design & style


Beginning with one shop in October of 2013, nu Bangkok has grown in four years to engage more than 120 Thai artisans to handmake nu shoes and handbags, which nu Bangkok sells in more than 25 company-owned shops in Thailand, re-opening in Singapore, and launching soon in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.


Product lines are now being expanded to include clothing and accessories.  Collections are being designed to complement matching shoes and handbags, which can be worn separately or ensemble.


The nu Bangkok team is dedicated to making customers happy to be members of the nu family.  Our loyal Thai customers, and people from around the world who found nu Bangkok while in Thailand, tell us that they feel our passion to connect heart-to-heart (as you may see from comments on our Customer Conversation pages here and on Facebook).


Good shoes, take you good places, to meet good people.